More About Me

My Biography,

I am currently living in Porter Ranch and have been a san Fernando Valley resident for the past 40 years. I have enjoyed the beautiful homes and communities throughout the valley with much excitement of what more there is to come.

After receiving an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering, I completed a Master's in Facility Planning with an emphasis in Architecture and Costruction Management from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Soon after, I served as Head Director of Professional Consultation in Design and Construction of Residential & Commercial Facilities in a private business. My experience and education served to fuel my desire for Enterpreneurship.

I managed my own business in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, where I get to meet and engage with people from all over the Valley, growing my love and knowledge of the geography and community. This accumulation of knowledge in design, architecture, construction, and the Valley itself have transformed me from a Realtor to a Trusted Consultant / Advocate. This mixture of strengths enables me to really put my client's financial goals into perspective.

The power of negotiation and precision obtained from my 23 years of experience in real estate sales and managing further ensures my client's complete satisfaction. I understand, analyze, and advise my client's in alignment with their personal and financial goals. The end result of happy clients in their perfectly matched home brings much joy and passion. My affable and flexible personality is the trait that my clients find most appealing. I look forward to assisting you and your loved ones to find your perfect home.